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ARCS Explained


This portion of ARCSMODEL.COM contains an overview of the general concept of motivational design and an explanation of what the ARCS model is. It also contains a summary of the four ARCS categories of motivation (attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction), each of which has several subcategories of concepts and strategies. These categories comprise one of the two major components of the ARCS model. The other component is the systematic motivational design process which is described in the remaining subfile on this page.

What is meant by motivational design? What are some of the motivational concepts and theories that have a motivational design component?

What are its overall characteristics? Is it a theory or just a model?

The acronym ARCS stands for attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction. What are the specific properties of each category?

What are the steps and key issues in the ARCS design process? To what kinds of problems can you apply it?

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